Systems Innovation by LMG works at an enterprise level in technology deployment. Our experience provides a depth of knowledge that goes beyond technology and delivers immersive atmospheres with experiential impact.

Service comes first. We are solution-driven creators providing support and peace-of-mind to projects


Concept Ideation

Define and establish the business problem and primary goals/objectives for the project.

Previsualization and detailed technical drawings are used to create, modify and stretch our technology capabilities bringing visions to reality.


After the concept ideation phase, our industry certified professionals use industry safety standards to ensure success.

Our activation phase also includes custom and user-friendly programming and training, a quality assurance process and high safety standards (SMART Safety Group).


Service comes first. We are solution-driven creators providing support and peace-of-mind to projects.

With remote and on-site support, our team has the ability to address and fix any issues should they arise.


Established in 2020, LMGSI Europe was created to support our global customer base. It was a natural move to have a location in the UK that can provide access to the same expertise and resources that customers already receive in the US. With so many commercial interests for companies spanning territories and continents, there was a need to provide a global service to ensure consistency of quality across all AV projects for our customers.

A Member of the ETP Family of Brands

LMGSI Europe is a member of the ETP family of brands and partners closely with Pixl Evolution in London. These partnerships offer our clients great benefits:

  • Total Cost of Ownership: One of the great benefits of having a systems integrator with a rental arm is that we have first-hand experience of owning AV equipment, the costs involved, the pitfalls and the commercial need to achieve maximum ROI from every purchase.
  • Event Experience: Whilst a boardroom solution may not immediately seem to have much in common with an awards event or a music festival, they are all events that require speech and images to be communicated to an audience in an impactful, seamless way.

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