Systems Innovation by LMG Becomes Exclusive Provider of Soteria Thermal Imaging Devices  

ORLANDO, FL – Systems Innovation by LMG is proud to launch a new line of thermal imaging devices, becoming the exclusive provider of Soteria temperature-checking devices in the U.S. and Europe.  

“As cities begin to open up with new social distancing guidelines still in place, businesses are looking for technological solutions to help keep everyone safe and create a positive experience,” says Neil Morrison, Executive Vice President of Systems Innovation. “As a trusted technology partner, Systems Innovation is eager to help people navigate new safety and health protocols with Soteria.”  

The Soteria line of thermal imaging devices currently includes two products: ThermaVu scanners for checking the temperature of one person at a time, and ThermaVu+ scanners, which can quickly and accurately scan the temperatures of up to 16 people at a time. Both products are now available for shipping. 

For more than 20 years, Systems Innovation has been in the business of providing trusted AV technology solutions for the higher education, corporate and house of worship sectors. In 2019, the business unit evolved to expand its offerings with a new focus on providing innovative solutions for more customized spaces. Soteria is the organization’s first retail offering, providing non-contact, easy-to-use and accurate temperature checking solutions. 

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About Soteria: Soteria is a line of thermal imaging devices exclusively provided by Systems Innovation in the U.S. and Europe in alignment with the brand’s promise to provide innovative AV solutions that keep communities safe. To learn more, visit